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I know there was another Dales trip, but can’t remember when and also the Blackpool to Scarborough run when we stayed at Ilkley, any ideas ? !

I am also assuming that the birth of YP was the C to C run, but I can’t remember that date and I haven’t found any pictures yet. If anyone can help with these I would appreciate it.

Looks like we will never get the above as nobody has come up with any more info !

Start pic May 2000 [1280x768]
Start pic2 May 2000 [1280x768]
Sep 00 copy
May 01 copy

September 2001 - Rotterdam to Zeebrugge (Again, haven’t found the prints)

May 02 copy
Sep 02 start copy
Sep 02 Finish copy
May 03 Start copy
May 03 Finish copy
Sep 03 copy
Apr 04 copy
May 04 Start copy
May 04 Finish copy
Sep 04 Start copy
Sep 04 Finish copy
Apr 05 copy
May 05 copy
Sep 05 copy
Apr 06 FR copy

The early morning team doing the full 130 or so miles from York to York

Apr 06 Start copy
Sep 06 Start copy
May 07 copy
Sept 07 copy
Langdale 08 Start
May 09 [800x600]
Sept 09 midway copy

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